Disneyland Paris – Art and Animation

Disney: Winter Wonderland – Art and Animation

The Disney winter scene was a pretty fun project as it allowed me a lot of artistic license on the style and direction of the scene. We were given pretty much a simple brief to create a winter scene in the Disney style to be created in AR for the Panini Coco sticker album and was to be viewed as an AR experience on the front cover. The whole project got fully approved by Disney representatives and required zero alterations, which I consider is quite an achievement. The project therefore was a massive success with no hiccups.

Role: Environment and Prop artist, Character art, Rig and animation.

Retailer: Carrefour
Countries: Belgium
Total app downloads: 24,536
AR components: Scan collection + 5 AR stickers + POS + Album Cover
Total AR scans 195,012
Photos taken 96,673 (50%)
Successful sticker recognitions: 1,823,804

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