Dreamworks: Trolls – Art and Animation

Working for Dreamworks has always been my lifelong dream, so working with them is almost just as special. I have always loved the movies and quality of the animations that the studio can output, such incredible talent that I aspire to be. This project was for the Trolls Movie, our aim to create experiences that relate to that characteristics and emotions of the two main characters Poppy and Branch. We made a few experiences for this IP but the ones that I believe stood out were; “Cheer up Branch!”, and “Paint a Bug”.

My goal was to create the animations for these characters in these experiences in a way that would match them to how they are portrayed within the movie. I payed special attention to making sure that the the emotions and even the slightest subtle glances were as close to the movie versions as possible. And with this in mind we created a story within these worlds where they would interact and be brought to life through the power of Augmented Reality. I also worked on the face tracking “troll hair Feature”. The project did really well and helped massively with bringing the audience’s attention to the Trolls franchise.

Role: Animator, Environment Artist

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