Disneyland Paris – Art and Animation

The Panini sticker album was a campaign created by panini to celebrate 25 years of Disneyland Paris releasing copies of the album in Belgium and France.It was an interesting experience to work with Disney and Panini, growing up as a huge fan of the movies was definitely a big source of motivation as well as being a sticker collector myself. During this campaign the castle image (front page) got scanned over 6 million times, as well as a further 3 million for Mickey and Minnie Mouse (stickers). It was a very successful project that clearly outlines how great Augmented Reality can be for this type of theme, and the stats prove that people truly do react with the inter-actable experiences on such a grand scale.

Role: The environment art of the Castle (textured and geometry), Character art, Rig and animation.

Retailer: Carrefour
Countries: Belgium
Total app downloads: 50,142
Launched: March 2017
AR components: Scan collection + 6 stickers + POS + Album Cover
Total AR scans 378,009
Photos taken 196,564 (52%)
Successful sticker recognitions: 6,863,679

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