Makeover Studio 3D!

Released: March 2021 on IOS and Android

Makeover studio is one of the most successful titles that I have worked on, since its release in March 2021, it gathered a staggering 20+ Million downloads and was at the top of many charts by August 2021.

We started by selecting an appropriate female 3D character, which was then altered by myself to make sure that all the blendshapes and animations could then be created. After which, I then proceeded to create the outfits, and hairstyles for all 16 clients + the assistants and the 5 VIP characters. All of the characters shared the same base mesh and rig to allow for us to transfer animations easily inside of unity. 

I worked closely with the programmer to create all the tech art responsible for the game, which includes any of the art to help assist in the game mechanics. Throughout this project I helped identify solutions to technical issues that we ran into using the 3D model, and went about fixing those issues as best I could.

Post release, I worked on the extra content required for the game, whether it be quirky new interactions or new features! In the example below you can see more of the more creative and grotesque art/animations I created which made it in the post game updates.

Welcome to Makeover Studio 3D, where only the best clientele are allowed.

Makeovers, teeth whitening, lip filler, we have it all! Treat yourself to the ultimate spa day, in the most fashionable studio in town! Acne? Not anymore! Eyebrows out of control? We can fix that. You will be pretty as a Princess by the time we are done with you!

So come in, relax, and wait to see what our ultimate makeover could do for you.

IOS Available here

Android Available here

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