Environment Art – TMNT


Another environment project that I worked on but this time for Nickelodeon. I actually also grew up watching the various shows on Nickelodeon but most importantly I was a fan of the turtles themselves so this project appealed to me from the start. The campaign was for the Toys ‘R’ Us store’s in Germany so our mission was to build an interactive experience for people. As they entered the store they would scan codes that would unlock more TMNT experiences whilst they walk around the shop. The game starts out in the Turtle lair and they have to find codes which will allow them to unlock things such as other characters and mini game experiences.

My aim was to take the film assets and adapt them so that they could work on mobile devices. This process required me to rebuild everything you see for the environment and match the design to that of the film version. It was quite a long piece to create as it involved a lot of shredding down on the polygons and textures, as well as having to recreate the lighting. If given more time I think I would of matched it to exactly how the it looked in the TV show. The whole project (including both levels: lair and sewer level) took around 2-3 weeks to complete.

Role: Environment Art