Environment Art – Thumbprint


Thumbprint was a mobile game project for the Florida Hospital. The hospital is specialised in treating young children so in this project the client requested that we create a concept around the idea of pirates (friendly ones, not the real ones). This was quite good because I like the  art style that you can create with a pirate theme, with wonky stylised wood, vibrant colours, and bouncy animations. The outcome allowed us a lot of artistic license over the project, which is always a nice thing to have in a project. The outcome that you see is the result of simple and fun to play mini games; one being a 360 gyro shooter – where you have to hit as many balloons as possible, the other being an infinite runner throughout the seven seas avoiding shipwrecks and pesky Kraken tentacles. Also we created a face tracking experience where the user could turn themselves into a pirate.

Role: Environment Art